What are the best rabbit litter for odor control?

There is a problem that many rabbits owner struggled over the year. It is the noticeable odor in rabbit cage. Even if you constantly cleaning the entire cage bedding, you may still wonder why a cage still stinks.

In order to solve this problem, you should get a best litter for rabbits to help control the odor of your rabbit’s habitat area.

# 1 Factors to consider about odor control litter

Odor Control & Absorbent: The ability of absorbent will deeply affect on how good the litter can control bad odor. A litter with high absorbency means that it should absorb everything that your bunnies eliminate like urine and faeces. Highly absorbent litter will keep the cage dyer, cleaner, requires to be changed less frequently and also superior odor control.

Not includes powerful aroma: Although you are looking for the odor control litter, but it should not includes powerful aroma or added fragrances. Powerful aroma even can increase the smell of decal and urine. Not only that, chemicals or natural oils that contained in aroma can cause serious health problem for your rabbits when they inhaled.

Dust-free: Rabbit prefer to dig into their bedding and litter. Therefor the litter that contains lots of dust may cause serious nose and respiratory issues. Dusty litter also make your cage messy and difficult to clean.

#2 Rabbit litter products for odor control

These factors up here are what you have to consider when choosing litter. And then we want to recommend for you some litter products may make a good choice for your rabbit:

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding: This litter is made from re-cycled paper, which is totally safe for your rabbits. It is mildly absorbent. It is less odor absorbing than pellet but better than other paper litter.

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Litter: This litter product is super soft and highly absorben. As the advertising, it is capable to keep fresh smell and neutralize ammonia odors for up to 14 days. It also can absorb up to 6 times its weight in liquid.

So Phresh Paper Pellet Litter: It is made of 100£ re-cycled papers and provide great absorption. It includes baking soda in its formula, what make it effectively control odors. This litter is 99% dust-free and does not come with added fragrances.

Pacific Seed Bank Canada Review

You are looking forward to gaining some knowledge about the best strains of marijuana or seed banks in canada. If you are wondering where would be the right place to start looking for the best and feminized selection of marijuana, the answer would be Pacific Seed Bank Canada.

Did you know that the introduction of the Canada Cannabis Act in the year 2018 made the idea of recreational marijuana legal in that country? Some of the user favourite strains of marijuana include Durban Poison, CBD Shark, to name a few. The upcoming segments will throw some light on marijuana strains and give you a Pacific Seed Bank Canada review.


Pacific Seed Bank was founded with the aim of providing the best and the clinically tested strains of recreational marijuana to all the weed enthusiasts. The company has a research and development facility to explore feminized, fresh, and premium strains. It is also striving towards discovering new benefits of this seed which can help its customers in a better manner.

Pacific Seed Bank is present in the picturesque locales of Spain. It is headquartered in Barcelona which is the main business and administrative decision-making hub for the company. The organization has its research and development units as well as marketing units spread across in the United States of America and Canada.


Pacific Seed Bank Canada has created a huge repository of knowledge based on various strains of marijuana and its benefits in fighting various ailments. It has made this knowledge available to the general public through well-organized blogs on its website. Many weed enthusiasts try to navigate through the internet to know more about its pros and cons and the best variety they can try. Pacific Seed Bank has successfully attracted a lot of virtual visitors, thanks to its methodical and informative blogs.

As for the promotions, this organization offers good discounts on various deals. On payment through money order, you stand a chance to get some free seeds apart from your order. They have a separate wholesale department for customers who want to buy in good volume. The company offers a huge discount and complimentary items for buying in good measurement.

All you need to do is go to the official website of the company and order your favourite strain. You can make your payment through money order, Visa, MasterCard, Zelle, to name a few. Many customers prefer to pay through Bitcoins to maintain discretion and privacy of the order. Please note that there is a one-time delivery charge levied on all the orders. If your order amount exceeds $500 then you will get a chance to have your shipment delivered for free.



This unique auto-flowering strain can be easily grown and is a great stress buster. The consumption of this strain will lead to ecstatic moments and will relieve you of all the stress and tensions.


This variant has a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level of 20% and blooms well within a span of 9 weeks. Girls Scout is effective in infusing a feeling of the thrill as well as removing stress from your mind.


Apart from the feeling of euphoria and ecstasy, this variant will give you a sweet fruity taste and ease your nerves to make you feel relaxed.


This variant has a modest tetrahydrocannabinol level and gives a good yield. You can consume this to relieve yourself from depression and uneasiness.


Mazar is prominently known for its fruity taste and smell that can induce you to sleep and give you a relaxed mind.

You can go ahead and try your hand at some of the favourite strains of Pacific Seed Bank Canada and get it delivered without any hassle.

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